Are you looking for help
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If your case can be lawfully filed in California,
the Divorce Assistance Center will prepare your documents at paralegal prices AND a duly licensed attorney will review all  of the documents for legal accuracy.

It's critical that you protect your rights to the fullest extent legally possible. Otherwise, certain rights may be lost forever. Of course you will make all final decisions regarding your case, but you will make informed choices with full knowledge of their consequences down the road.


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Our Mission

This site assists clients with the preparation of legal pleadings for marital dissolutions, legal separations, and annulments. Our primary focus is to provide services for those who have agreed to the division of their assets, child custody, child support, and spousal support obligations. Our goal is to provide low-cost, attorney assisted support to those who wish to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, and to provide helpful information to protect our clients rights and to avoid future legal problems for our clients’ benefit.

Our Service

We provide all of the pleadings necessary to complete a divorce, legal separation, or annulment (if you legally qualify). We also prepare pleadings to modify child or spousal support on behalf of our clients. Our services are limited to residents of California only. Each case is reviewed by an attorney to help clients avoid legal mistakes that can often be made by paralegals, who are not required to have any license nor any particular formal education in California.

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Contained on this website is general legal theory. Each case is different. The court may interpret the facts of each case and apply its analysis of the law to it uniquely depending on its individual circumstances. You should not rely on the information provided in this website as legal advice. The references to codes are not verbatim quotations of the code and should not be cited as legal precedence. If you have any questions regarding your rights or obligations, we strongly recommend that you talk to an attorney. You may speak to an attorney at this firm by scheduling an appointment by telephone by calling toll free 1-866-829-6149. We charge an hourly fee of $175 for this service and require a deposit in advance of your appointment. The California Family Code as interpreted by the courts of California is the state’s determination of what is fair when parties cannot agree among themselves. Generally, you can make any agreement with regard to your assets and spousal support. You may also have great leeway with regard to child support, however, the court in keeping with standards set forth by the legislature may not accept all child support agreements as presented by parties to a dissolution in order to protect the interests of the children of this state.